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+++ Short Film (3) +++

take a picture

Short Film "take a picture"
Directed / Written / Cinematography / Edited by Masato Ozawa
監督・脚本・撮影・編集 小澤雅人


Trương Thục Trinh チュン・トック・チン
Kentarou Furuyama 古山憲太郎

Han studies at Japanese school in Japan. She is a Vietnamese, and she has a younger sister suffering from a serious illness in Vietnam. In fact, Han came over to Japan to earn the medical bill. Because Han is from a poor village, she assumed a large amount of debt to come to Japan. She struggled with paying back her debts and school expenses. Han works hard at a part-time job to earn treatment costs of her younger sister...


微熱 Slight Fever










タイチ:佐竹遙人 ヒロキ:YAMATO クミ:田山由起

ピアノ教室の先:福田愛美 マンションの住人:小川ゲン

ゲームショップ店員:丸山いずみ ミニスカートの女:凛カオリ パチンコ屋の女:菅原あさひ




制作:岡崎雅 助監督:佐藤亮 速水萌

撮影:藍河兼一 撮影助手:瀬島真由 録音:鎌田俊春 ヘアメイク:升水彩香

美術:栗田志穂 美術助手:坂本海 音楽;洞澤徹 整音:北摂サウンドプロダクション 英語字幕:今井聡子


制作:ソウルエイジ HD30分 2015年

Slight Fever

The 14th Imagineindia International Film Festival (Spain) "BEST SHORT FILM"


Toshio was a marathon runner with a promising future in college, whose dream was cut short from a training accident. Gambling became Toshio's new sole purpose in life. Trying to win big to resolve his debts, Toshio obsesses to win while he disregards his wife's pleading tears to quit. 
In this troubled household, Yuu was desperate to keep her family together. With her back to the wall, Yuu maintained herself from breaking apart under her father's twisted affection and her mother's unsmiling face. But Yuu was starting to form her own character. All Yuu really wanted to do, was to play the piano...
Gamble addiction and dysfunctional family with implications of child molestation, Slight Fever shines a light on the darkness of modern society of Japan questioning all of us, what is a family? What is true happiness for our children?

Yuma Sasaki / Mikan Ogino / Remi Yamanao / Haruto Satake / YAMATO / Yuki Tayama


Director: Masato Ozawa / Written & Edited by: Masato Ozawa
Produced by: SOUL AGE Co.,Ltd. / Producer: Hirotaka Maeda / Masato Ozawa
Director of Photography: Ken-ichi Aikawa / Recording Engineer: Toshiharu Kamata
Sound Edit: Hokusetsu Sound Production / Music Score: Toru Horasawa
County of production: Japan / HD 30min / 2015

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